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Seashore Safari 🌊

 In April, 3rd and 4th class went a 'Seashore Safari' Trip to the beach in Salthill. Previously, the students had being learning about sea creatures and plants, so it was fantastic to get our nets and buckets and try and find the animals in real life.  Before we started searching, the children completed a beach clean up to give back to ensure the beach we left even better than we found it. 
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Ardrahan Mausoleum Trip 📸

Friday was such a fantastic day that the students took a little trip down to the Mausoleum in Ardrahan. Firstly, this involved a little walk in the nice weather đŸšļ‍♀️☀️ When at the mausoleum the students looked at the different architecture and learned about its history.  It is great for the children to learn about their local history as well as history on a wider scale.

Beebots- Coding 🤖 🐝

 The excitement levels were extremely high this week as we tried out coding for the first time in the classroom. In groups, the students gave each other coding challenges to get the bees to go for one spot to the other.  This involving lots of trial and error, planning and problem solving. We look forward to honing our skills with the bee bots again soon! 

Planting đŸŒģ🌷đŸĒģ

 Back in March the students picked a type of flower they would like to plant. We have being minding these plants in the classroom over the past few weeks.  We discussed germination and examined the roots and stems of our plants. Today, we planted out our flowers. We look forward to monitoring them over the Summer months and hope they continue to grow, making the school lovely and colourful.