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Science Week and the Science Fair

 Science week was an incredible and busy week for us.  In Senior Infants we tried out some experiments in the classroom. We made a rainbow by placing skittles in water,  we blew up a balloon just using vinegar and baking soda and we separated salt from pepper using a balloon.  On Thursday, the students visited the 3rd and 4th class Science Fair. These students had created stations with many different experiments. The senior infants visited the stations and learned about the different investigations taking place. The students were really intrigued and enjoyed the fair.  Well done to the 3rd and 4th class students for their excellent displays!  
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Art- Pointillism

 For the past for weeks we have been learning about the Supermarket in Aistear. We decided to link this with art and created wonderful pieces of fruit only using cotton buds and paint.  All the students did a fantastic job! This was new way to try out painting and art for the students.

Sail Car

 Last week, we had visitors to our classroom as some 3rd and 4th class students came to help us make our sail cars. This fitted in great with Science week and also learning about how to take care of the environment.  Our aim was to come up with many ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle.  At the end of the week, the students participated in Sail Car races. 

Smartie Maths

 The students love getting hands on during Maths - especially when it involves smarties!  We used smarties to create a graph when learning about data!